"Your career journey can maximize your impact and beyond that, grow a rich professional and personal legacy"
- Brad Black


Personality Questionnaire
This questionnaire examines the personality preferences of the individual. An interpreter uses this data to find patterns in the results that would be an ideal fit for an occupation or academic interest. 


Occupational Work Value Questionnaire
This questionnaire requires individuals to rank their occupational values. This gives the interpreter an idea of what type of environment or organizational cultural the individual is looking for. This section of the assessment is unique to other career assessments since most do not thoroughly examine the values of the individual in connection to the workplace


Vocational Interest Questionnaire - Part 1


Vocational Interest Questionnaire - Part 2

Vocational Interest Questionnaire
This questionnaire is broken up into two sections the first being the Educational Classes and Occupational Tasks which assesses the counselee’s interest in pursuing training in an academic or skill area. The second part of this questionnaire is the Occupational Interests which assesses the individual’s interest in pursuing an occupation for a certain period of time. An interpreter uses these results to discover the counselee’s occupational and academic interest combined with how much schooling or training they are willing to pursue.


Achievement and Interest Questionnaire
Counselees are asked to rate their achievement levels in six areas. An interpreter can use these results to examine how receptive the counselee is to certain occupations based off of previous achievements and the possibility of further training.


Assessment Options

The IMPACTeX Navigator addresses your career concerns. You will receive a unique, individual profile which identifies your personality, values, interests, accomplishments, and skills. Upon completion, Career Advisors or Professional Counselors can help you use the information you receive to make career and life decisions that meet your present and future needs.

You can select the Career Assessment Option that is most meaningful to you at this time - and expand your options as needed. Based on the questions below, you can determine the level that best meets your needs.

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Level 1 $75

Foundation Assessment: Personality and Values

Answers "who am I and what do I value in the world of work?" with a personality and work values assessment.

  • Your Personality and Work Values assessment will be emailed to you.
  • After receiving and reviewing your report, you may decide you would like additional information. You can choose from:
    • Interest and Achievement assessments
    • Career Advisory session
    • Premier Assessment with Professional Counseling
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Level 2 $150

Standard Assessment: Personality, Interests, Values, and Achievement

Answers the questions"who am I, what are my interests, what do I value, and where have I had success?"

  • Reveals your personality, level of interest in educational classes and career tasks, what you value in work and subject areas of achievement.
  • You will receive the level 1 assessment PLUS your Interest and Achievement assessments.
  • After receiving and reviewing your report, you may decide you would like additional information. You can choose from:
    • Career Advisory session
    • Professional Career Counseling
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Level 3 $300

Standard Assessment PLUS Career Focused Advisory Session

An advisor integrates all four assessments providing you with a holistic view of yourself, guiding you and identifying the best fit occupation for you. 

  • You will receive all four level 2 assessments PLUS a one-on-one career advisory session.
  • Your assesment will be emailed to you with instructions on how to set up an appointment with an advisor.
  • Your appointment will be a 1 hour session integrating and reviewing your profiles, while learning about career planning tools.
  • After receiving and reviewing your report, you will have the option to upgrade to the Premier Assessment with Professional Counseling if you decide that is a better option for you

Level 4 $900

Premier Assessment includes Professional Career Counseling Services

The Premier Assessment provides you with in depth feedback integrating all four assessments and is available only with the services of a Professional Counselor. It addresses circumstances such as:

"I am having difficulty making a career choice."

"I have some challenges to overcome in order to reach my goals."

"I have internal or external circumstances that make career
decisions difficult for me."

"I sometimes feel insecure about the future."

"I am fearful that I'm aimlessly taking classes without a goal."

  • You will receive the level 2 report PLUS a one-on-one professional counseling to assist you in determining your best fit career, overcoming challenges and planning a path to reach your goals.
  • You will be emailed instructions on how to set up an appointment with a Professional Counselor to review your results.
  • Appointments to go over your results can last up to 2 hours and may require follow-up appointments based on your needs