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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to complete IMPACTeX Navigator?

Completion time can vary greatly and depends on an individual’s age, education and ability levels. Individuals can usually finish anywhere between 60-90 minutes, but it does not need to be completed in one sitting.

My Child is an underclassman in high school. Is IMPACTeX Navigator appropriate for them?

Typically individuals are still going through major developmental phases in high school and are still developing things such as their value system, interests, skills and even personality. Thus, it is suggested that for adolescents aged 13 to 15, IMPACTeX Navigator be used only as a tool of exploration. For students 16 and older, the results of the IMPACTeX Navigator will build your self-awareness and guide you towards meaningful educational and career options.

I need to plan out my class schedule. Will taking the IMPACTeX Navigator help me to do this?

The IMPACTeX Navigator and the career advising involved with it can be very beneficial to helping you decide on what major and/or career might work best for you. However, neither the IMPACTeX Navigator nor the career adviser will be able to tell you what ‘exactly’ to do. You will be encouraged to do further exploration which takes time so that you can make that final decision. Thus, you will want to give yourself time to take and go over the results of the IMPACTeX Navigator as well as to explore the majors and/ or careers suggested during your session with your career adviser or on your assessment report.

What is the required reading level to complete the IMPACTeX Navigator?

The IMPACTeX Navigator is suggested for individals who read at a 6th grade level or above.

Are there other career test options besides IMPACTeX Navigator?

We firmly believe that the IMPACTeX Navigator is the best assessment available. We describe it as the “Mirror and the Map” because it provides you with increased self-awareness, "a mirror", and helps you navigate towards well aligned career choices, "a map". Most instruments evaluate only one or two parts of who you are. The IMPACTeX Navigator is a comprehensive profile of you as an individual, describing your personality, interests, achievements and most importantly and uniquely your work values.